Meeting Australian Standards

Bicycle parking facilities are regulated by Australian Standard 2890 - Part 3: Bicycle parking facilities. These are currently under review.

Compliance with this Standard helps to reduce OHS risk and apply security for end users. Construction and refit that requires bicycle parking facilities will comply with development requirements such as the Victorian Planning Provisions 52.34 or your local equivalent.

Whenever the Bike Parking Experts complete an installation under these circumstances, our primary objective will be to provide a safe, secure and convenient bicycle parking facility that also meets or improves on the the allocated budget. Often, we can save our clients money with smart designs and installations.

Our interpretation of the Standard

As the Standards are from 1994 they can be open to interpretation, especially where new bike parking rail designs have emerged. The following information describes some key elements of our interpretation of the Standard.

Two of the most popular products in the Bike Parking Experts’ range are the Ned Kelly® Parking rail and the Flat Top parking rail.

Both rails provide an excellent basis for a Class 2 medium-security bicycle parking facility.

The Ned Kelly Parking Rail

  • AS2890.3 states that vertical bike parking racks of a design where the rear wheel rests on the ground must be spaced at 600 millimetre centres or greater.
  • The Standard does not provide guidance for racks that are vertically staggered and as such they must be interpreted in accordance with new bike parking rail designs.
  • The Ned Kelly® parking rails are typically installed with a 300 millimetre vertical stagger that ensures that the bikes at one level do not interfere or otherwise engage with those spaced at higher or lower levels.
  • Therefore, the Ned Kelly® parking rails meets the guidelines regarding the horizontal spacing of vertical racks by spacing racks at the same level at 760 millimetres centres or wider.
  • Furthermore, the frame and both wheels of a bicycle can be easily and securely locked to a Ned Kelly® parking rail, even where a bike is hung on other rails that are immediately adjacent.
  • Spacing the rails in this fashion provides far greater space efficiency with no loss of safety, security or utility.

Key projects that have accepted this configuration include:

  • The Monash University Bike Arrival Station, which was funded through the Victorian Government’s Local Area Access Programme. This facility offers parking for 100 bikes using this configuration.
  • The Department of Transport’s redeveloped Southern Cross building, which utilises the vertically staggered configuration and provides parking for over 300 bikes.
  • The newly completed Royal Children’s Hospital on Flemington Road, Melbourne, which features over 200 Ned Kelly® rails installed in a vertically staggered configuration.

The Flat Top Parking Rail

  • AS2890.3 states that horizontal bike parking must be spaced 1200 millimetres.
  • However, Melbourne City Council and Sydney City Council among other certifying and planning bodies have deemed 1000 millimetres to be sufficient spacing. Spacing the rails in this fashion provides far greater space efficiency with no loss of safety, security or utility.
  • This is in line with Melbourne City Council Technical Note 704.04 – Bicycle hoop.
  • Key project that have accepted this configuration include site offices used by Major Projects Victoria and rails used by the City of Stonington.